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GACG’s office equipment leasing programs cover a wide-range of front and back office equipment. Leasing your business office equipment preserves your working capital and keeps cash in the bank for alternative uses. By not tying up funds in a costly equipment purchase, your business is free to explore advertising options, website development, or even hire the competition’s top salesperson. Office equipment leasing programs allow you to stay flexible with technology upgrade options, and terms up to 5-years on new office equipment. Used office equipment leasing programs are usually limited to 36-month terms, with acceptable equipment being supplied by a reputable vendor.

While office equipment isn’t usually a revenue generating “cash cow,” GACG’s office equipment leasing programs allow businesses to take advantage of the latest technology, with little cash up front. Office equipment finance programs can be structured for maximum tax benefits throughout the term, with trade-ups available at the end of the term.

Leasing Office Equipment

Leasing office equipment is an easy process when you’re dealing with the equipment leasing specialists at GACG. We are able to structure custom office equipment financing requests in the form of equipment leases, finance agreements, and even master lines-of-credit for more comprehensive equipment needs.

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GACG is an industry leader in office equipment leasing; allow us to structure an equipment financing package to meet your needs today.