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Medical equipment leasing is the professional’s choice for acquiring equipment with minimal cash out-of-pocket. Medical groups can often be comprised of several different doctors and companies, so the medical equipment financing process can delay equipment delivery at times. Dealing with an established medical equipment leasing company like GACG allows you to cut to the chase. We know what it takes to finance both new and used pieces of medical equipment. From chiropractic tables to portable MRI imaging centers and Radiology equipment, GACG allows medical professionals across the DFW area to finance the latest medical equipment to keep their practice on the cutting edge.

GACG’s medical equipment leasing programs offer “master” agreements which establish a pre-approved credit line to be drawn upon in segments, over a set amount of time. Our “master” leases allow medical professionals to acquire equipment over time, adding pieces as space and client base increase. Do not hesitate to contact GACG to discuss the comprehensive options available to you and your practice.

Leasing Medical Equipment

Leasing medical equipment makes perfect business sense, that’s why over 80% of US businesses choose to go that route every year. Medical equipment leases can often be executed with no money down, with leases often approved in under 24-hours. Larger commercial medical equipment leasing requests can be accommodated with financial disclosure up to $50MM. No matter what the size of your request, GACG will give you and your business the personal attention you deserve. We can finance small family practices as well as large medical centers and state hospitals… contact GACG today.

  • X-Ray Radiology Equipment Leasing
  • Portable Veterinary X-Ray Equipment Finance
  • Bone Densitometer Leasing
  • Ultrasound Equipment Leasing
  • Dental Equipment Leasing
  • Chiropractic Equipment Leasing
  • Veterinary Equipment Leasing
  • CT Scan Equipment Leasing
  • Complete Financing for Medical Imaging Centers
  • Short-Bore MRI System Leasing
  • Mobile Medical Trailer Leasing
  • Hospital Beds, Lab Equipment & more…

Medical professionals all over the DFW area choose GACG to handle their medical equipment leasing needs. We provide personal service which is unsurpassed in the finance industry. Give us a call today to see how we can help.