Audio & Visual


GACG offers complete audio & visual equipment leasing programs that cover all applications from corporate AV, to church audio and concert sound. Our expertise in the audio equipment leasing field allows us to finance design, installation and integration charges in addition to the cost of the equipment. The flexibility of our audio equipment leasing programs mean being able to stay up-to-date with the latest in digital audio equipment for your business. In addition to audio equipment leasing, GACG provides the industry’s most comprehensive entertainment equipment financing options.

Audio & Visual Equipment Leasing

With professional AV equipment being used in so many commercial environments, our AV equipment leasing programs can be customized to meet your unique cash-flow needs. Enjoy the convenience of GACG’s seasonal AV equipment finance programs which allow for lower monthly payments during traditional down times. For example, a concert touring & staging company might want higher monthly payments during the peak summer concert season, with lower monthly payments during the slower months.

  • Cinema Speaker System Leasing
  • Audio Video Equipment Leasing
  • Digital Audio Equipment Leasing
  • Audio Recording Equipment Leasing
  • Mixing Console Financing
  • Audio Mixer Equipment Finance
  • Yamaha Audio Equipment Leasing
  • DJ Audio Equipment Leasing
  • Studio Audio Equipment Leasing & more…

AV equipment is constantly evolving and sucessful businesses must be able to acquire the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. A partnership with GACG will give your business the peace-of-mind knowing it can quickly acquire the latest in AV equipment, with minimal cash-down and low monthly payments.