Vendors & Manufacturers

The Power To Enhance Your Client Relationships and Profit Margins…


You need an organization capable of structuring and providing, powerful and creative commercial equipment leasing and financing solutions to help you meet your sales and marketing objectives.  Why have so many leading Dallas/Fort Worth organizations reached out to GACG for custom finance program solutions for their companies?  The answer is simple.  We understand your business and your customers’ needs, their industries, and their markets.  From our experience, we know that Custom Vendor Financing Programs must be carefully integrated into the sales and marketing process so that you can significantly increase closing ratios, revenue and profit and at the same time enhance your client relationships and help them achieve greater success. When they have success, you share in that success.

Our team will design, implement and manage a custom commercial equipment leasing and financing program specifically targeted to help close more sales, drive higher revenue, generate more profit and develop transaction terms that satisfy your customers’ business needs, help them better manage cash flow, and meet their accounting and tax goals.  The GACG management team has built a strong reputation as valuable strategic partner to the manufacturer, distributor, and equipment vendor for more than a decade.

As a manufacturer, distributor or vendor, when you work with GACG, you realize many benefits, including;

  • 100% financing for your customers
  • Application-only programs to $150,000
  • Creative Funding Mechanisms
  • Quick Credit Turn-Around Times
  • Industry expertise
  • Financing from $5,000 to $5 million
  • Knowledgeable support team
  • Avoidance of Funding Delays
  • Innovative Custom Lease & Finance Programs
  • Creation of new profits for your company

Our industry experts can help you identify and determine the commercial equipment leasing and financing programs that best fit your company’s and client’s demands.